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Welcome to Furniture Repair 101

The purpose of this site is to share our knowledge of general furniture repair with easy to understand step by step instructions.  If you can learn to tie your shoes, paint your nails or ride a bike, you can learn to fix, repair, restore and refinish any piece of furniture you own.  All instructions will have corresponding pictures of actual projects we have successfully completed for our Citizen Cane Chair Restoration clients.  In the days, weeks, months and Lord willing, years to come, we will be adding additional tutorials of the various DIY furniture repair projects you may want to accomplish.  So check back often as we will be adding furniture restoration instructions for all sorts of projects.

In addition to our direct recommendations, on each page we will display *additional resources and links to explore that are related to DYI furniture repair as well as shopping for furniture. 

To get started just review the blue list of pages in the upper left and select the category that interest you. (Site started 4/24/13 ~ Look for the list to grow weekly!)

www.4citizencane.com ~ www.canechairrepair.com ~ www.rushchairrepair.com

*Additional Resources & Links